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odbTools is a comprehensive, easy to use, integrated set of tools that allow a novice as well as an experienced Oracle DBA to manage, monitor,diagnosis, and tune the Oracle database. It is also an excellent DBA learning tool as all background SQL statements can be captured. It is the ultimate Oracle database management tools.

odbtoolsNon Intrusive: Unlike other similar tools that require a repository to be created on an Oracle instance database, odbTools is a non-intrusive product. It does not use any host system resources, nor it does create any objects on the Oracle instance itself.* All its parameters, preferences, performance statistics data, help, and setup options are stored locally on the client machine, in a local directory.

Dynamic KPIs: odbTools allows the user to dynamically build key performance indicators (KPIs) by selecting an Oracle performance object, event, or system statistic to monitor graphically as well as gather all statistical data that can be replayed and analyzed at a later time. It also allows the user to build a computed formula based on one or more statistics to monitor, as well as to save different monitoring scenarios for later use.

User-Defined Statistics: odbTools also provides the capability to incorporate user-defined statistics such as CPU Usage to monitor with a look and feel of any Oracle system statistic.

Fully Integrated: The functions of odbTools are easy accessed via a main console and integrated in one single executable.

*Only one optional small table is required when incorporating user statistics (Unix statistics) with Oracle system statistics (a feature in odbTools)

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